Abstract Photographic Art

Abstract photographic art by Gary Gleason

Showing at the Red Brick Center for the Arts

110 E Hallam Street | Aspen, Colorado

January 16 - February 28, 2019

Artist Reception January 17 

5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

About Gary Gleason Art

The Muse


 Gleason finds himself in awe of the patterns and colors found in the rock, water, air, and fire that compose our world. He has spend a decade studying and capturing these "successful experiments" in locations across the globe. The images are now available on stunningly sleek, ready-to-hang 30"x40" dye-impregnated aluminum.

The Art


Gleason uses a simple photographic device, such as an iPhone, to capture startling evocative patterns and textures. The printed images are sometimes cropped by the artist, but never manipulated in photoshop. The artist hopes his work will not just beautify the world, but also help others to better see the  amazing tapestry through which we pass every day. 

The Artist


Colorado native Gary Gleason is an accomplished athlete, entrepreneur, and artist. The last of seven children, Gleason was raised between Boulder and Aspen and has grown to appreciate all sorts of art, artist and artistic expression. His current artistic outlets include photography, music, writing and public installations. He can be reached at gary@GaryGleasonArt.com 


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