Abstract Photographic Art

by Gary Gleason

About Gary Gleason Art

The Muse


I am often stopped by the beauty of patterns and colors and textures of the world around us. Using a simple photographic device - typically an iPhone - I capture these images trying to create a painting with a photo. I refer to it as “abstract expressionism”, and I love how the work  invites the viewer into the process. 

The Art


 I have been working on this art form for over a decade now, and just this year released my work on 30" x 40" dye-impregnated aluminum – a medium that has a sleek, luminescent quality and hangs beautifully. My intent is to not just beautify the world with these images, but also help others to better see the amazing tapestry through which we pass every day. 

The Artist


I am the last of seven children, raised between Boulder and Aspen and inspired to a gypsy path. In the process I have grown to appreciate all sort of art, artist and artistic expression. Current outlets  include photography, music, writing, and select public art installations. 

I can be reached at gary@GaryGleasonArt.com 


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